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The Emotional Freedom Technique Video Workshop

Master Waleed Hashim


Price 20.00 BHD
Year 2018
Language Arabic

A video product for streaming and downloading. The session runs for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. The Emotional Freedom Technique is an online course that teaches the theory behind one of the most important techniques in energy healing and gives practical exercises of EFT and its uses as taught and demonstrated by Master Waleed Hashim

Video Streaming/Download Instructions

Once you purchase the Video Product it will be available in your Playlist. Your personal Playlist can be found when you log in and click My Account => Dashboard => Playlist. From there you can either Download your purchased product or Stream it in your browser. (Please note that there may be one or more files under a product.)

File Name
  • Emotional Freedom Technique - Arabic.pdf ( 209.38 KB )
  • The+Emotional+Freedom+Technique+-+Part+1.mp4 ( 183.99 mb )
  • The+Emotional+Freedom+Technique+-+Part+2.mp4 ( 259.248 mb )
  • The+Emotional+Freedom+Technique+-+Part+3.mp4 ( 388.095 mb )
  • The+Emotional+Freedom+Technique+-+Part+4.mp4 ( 334.552 mb )
Package File size
1.14 GB