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The Innerchild - Full Course

Master Waleed Hashim

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Price 65.00 BHD
Year 2020
Language Arabic

The Innerchild Full Course - An 8 hour course in video format. (This product includes its original 30+ page Course Material in both Arabic and English)

Your inner child –the child you once were at all stages of emotional development- is a reality: a living, breathing part of you. When we were young children, two aspects of ourselves were continuously in development. The first aspect is the Inner Child and it is basically the development of the emotional, creative, adventurous, fun-loving & playful part of ourselves. This energy is developed and resides in the right part of our minds.

The second important aspect of ourselves is the Inner Parent, what many call the ego mind, and it is the logical, thinking, responsible part of ourselves. This energy resides in our left minds, which is the part of our brain where many of us live the majority of our lives: Thinking about building a better future for ourselves, worrying about the lack of money or resources in our lives, being responsible for all the high achievements that we wish to accomplish. The Inner Child is a course that invites us to discover a lost part of ourselves, a little child longing for love, playtime and acceptance.

The course aims to:

-Melt away our defences, fears and doubts that stem from a less than perfect childhood and achieve a balanced, more loving connection between our two brain lobes.

-Teach an effective communication technique with our inner child and cultivate an ability to recognise both the voices of the inner child and inner parent within us.

-Help us forgive and release our childhood pains that affect our perception of ourselves and our beliefs about life.

-Heal our inner child and thus afford our daily life more access to love, fun and creativity which will in turn shift our life to better in several different areas, especially love, health and job success.

The first day schedule includes:

1. The Innerchild Meditation

2. Explanation of the Innerchild and the Left / Right brain mechanisms

3. Self-Parenting Exercises.

4. Positive Affirmations for the Innerchild.

5. The Alphabet of Emotions game.

6. Healing the Innerparents Meditaiton.

The second day schedule includes:

1. The Rainforest and Playtime Meditations

2. Explaining Taught and Inherited Parental Patterns and Parental Forgiveness

3. Forgiving the Parents Exercises.

4. Positive Affirmations for the Innerchild.

5. Completing the Past Exercise.

6. Bedtime Story Exercise and Bedtime Story Meditation.

Testimonials about the Energy of the Inner Child Course:

"Amazing work, and truly works on our daily lives. Love this course and love Waleed."

-Jaclynn, United States

"I was not sure what I would get out of this course at first, but as a teacher it has been an incredible experience to witness the impact that words and actions have on children and our inner child at such a young age. I was shocked to see how much of it has determined my own success in life and relationships. I mostly enjoyed the inner dialogues and incredible meditations which I can now continue in order to heal and communicate with my inner child."

-Meg, South Africa

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